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Cedar Vs. Pressure Treated Pine

Which is the best material? Here is some very useful information about Western Red Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine, the two species of wood used to build fences in our area. (Click on image to enlarge)  Read More

Follow the Grade vs. Stepped and Level

When designing and installing a fence, it is important to know how you would like your fence to be set up. There are 3 Basic Types: Follow the Grade , Stepped and Level and/or Level Top and Follow the Grade at the Bottom. Our Design Staff can walk you through any of these options to see which suits you best. (Click on image to enlarge)

“Follow the Grade” Fence

“Stepped and Level” Fence.
*Notice the gap at the bottom*

Level Fence Top.
Bottom Follows the Grade.

Stepped and Level Fence.
Bottom Follows the Grade.

Clear Cedar or Knotty Cedar?

Many people ask us the difference between the knotty and clear cedar boards. Our recommendation is to use clear cedar boards, which are practically knot-free! Here are a few pictures of “knotty” board fences and “clear” board fences.  Click a picture to zoom in.

Clear Cedar Fence

Knotty Cedar Fence

Vertical Boards are Clear Cedar While the Top and Bottom Trim Has Knots.

Unusual Fence Situations

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you’ve seen it all! No matter what situation you find yourself in, we have the solution!  (Click on image to enlarge)

These special brackets can be ordered to attach a wood fence to the steel round galvanized posts.

This gate was installed because the pool code requires a self latching and a self closing gate. A wood gate would not hold up well with self-closing hardware.

A tree in the fence line?  We can work with that if need be.