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Split Rail Fences

Whether you are looking to just outline your property or add rustic charm to your yard, the Split Rail Fence is the answer.  It is available with two, three or four rails.  Split Rail Fence posts are pre-cut with two, three or four holes to enable the tapered rails to be inserted.  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Two Rail - Split Rail Fence
Three Rail - Split Rail Fence
Three Rail - Split Rail Fence with Wire Mesh
Four Rail - Split Rail Fence

Paddock Fences

The Paddock Fence is very similar to the Split Rail Fence, but not as rustic.  Instead of having the horizontal boards being inserted into the post, flat boards are nailed onto the posts with or without a vertical board.  It is available with three or four boards. The Paddock Fence has very “clean & straight” lines.  (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Four Board Paddock Fence
Four Board Paddock Fence

Estate Fences

An Estate Fence gives your yard or property a “country feel” while looking more majestic than the Paddock and Split Rail fences.  It can also be used to keep livestock or household pets enclosed by adding wire mesh to the fence.  It is available with four, five or six boards.

Four Board Estate Fence in Pressure Treated Pine with Wire Mesh
Five Board Estate Fence
Six Board Estate Fence with Wire Mesh